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What is Live All In?

Experience Original Music

A new song every month! Download and listen on your computer or on your phone with the free Live All In app. The challenge will be choosing which song is your new favorite!

Take Time to Reflect

Dive deep into each song with a custom song study. Includes thought-provoking questions, motivating quotes and scriptures inspired by the messages of the songs. This is “you” time.

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You Get to Be the Singer

Play the piano or guitar? Love the mic? The sheet music and karaoke tracks are yours every month. (Whether you sing in front of a crowd or just in the shower.)

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Custom Streaming App

Like magic, the song of the month (plus the karaoke track) will arrive on your phone! Listen to the songs with or without internet access. Don’t you wish the laundry was this easy?

Beautify Your Space

Print beautifully designed lyrics and phrases inspired by the song of the month. Hang on the wall, frame on your nightstand, share with your neighbor or hang in a high school locker. Pair a print with a plate of cookies and brighten someone’s day!

Let's Be Friends

We might not be able to go to lunch, but we can connect on Facebook! Enjoy uplifting weekly posts and exclusive live performances each month available to Live All In annual plan members only.

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Preview 2019 Live All In Songs

Be Where You Are

(January 2019 Song)

At The Same Time

(February 2019 Song)

I Am The Storm

(March 2019 Song)

Even In the Silence

(April 2019 Song)

Preview 2020 Live All In Songs

Come As You are

(April 2020 Song)

What God Wants

(June 2020 Song)

Everywhere You Go

(October 2020 Song)

Keep Going

(January 2020 Song)

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– Nichole