Cherie Call & Hilary Weeks

Be Where You Are

Hello my friend! 

I hope you and yours are staying healthy and positive and feeling God’s love and peace during this unexpectedly crazy time!  We are all seeking additional comfort and hope, and music is one of the best ways I know of to fend off doubt and invite perspective and courage. It’s likely we’ll have a little extra time on our hands (once math, science and social studies class at the kitchen table are done, of course), so please enjoy this musical toolkit. 

Below you will find free downloads of:

  • “Be Where You Are”
  • “Be Where You Are” – Karaoke track
  • Sheet music
  • Coloring page
  • Song study
  • Printables
  • Lyrics

You can download the entire toolkit or each individual piece below.

Just a few ideas…Listen to the song before Come Follow Me study. Print the sheet music for the budding pianist or guitarist in your home.  It will keep ’em entertained for hours, especially if they learn it in the original key! Print the coloring pages for the whole family and let the creativity flow!  Make one of the printables your new screen saver.  Print the lyrics, underline your favorite phrases and tuck it away in your journal. 

I hope this toolkit lightens any heaviness you may feel and reminds you to embrace even this moment. 

This is where the idea for the song “Be Where You Are” originated…

One day last year my daughter Meg came home from school and told me about a conversation between two teachers. They were discussing an outstanding student that was focused and present. He was always “there.” He participated. He answered questions and was glad to be in class. They said, “He always is where he is.”

That hit me hard.

I don’t always live like that. Sometimes I have one eye on my computer and one eye on the messy kitchen. I have one ear to my phone and the other ear half-listening to a conversation with my daughter. I do the laundry while worrying about the dishes. I do the dishes while stressing about checking email. I think about what needs to be done at home while eating at a restaurant. I worry about the future when I should be enjoying a perfectly wonderful present.

Often my attention is split. I lose sight of being in the moment. I forget to embrace the here and now.  No matter what that looks like.

I want to invite you to be present – wherever you are. Embrace every breathtaking, ordinary moment. I invite you to breathe, look around and soak it all in and enjoy the gift of each day.

When we look back on 2020, we will have lived it. Really lived it. The good and the bad. The simple and the hard. We won’t let a single day slip by without having found the beauty in it.

Love, Hilary

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Be Where You Are Song

Written by Hilary Weeks & Cherie Call
© 2019 Hilary Weeks Music (BMI) / Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)

This Toolkit includes three different versions of “Be Where You Are” – the full track with Hilary singing, a track with background vocals + instrumentals and a track with instrumentals only so you can sing along karaoke-style or use the instrumental track to perform the song.

Be Where You Are Song Study

The toolkit also includes a song study which goes along with the song “Be Where You Are.” Print the study and take a moment to be still and listen to the song and think about the questions and then start writing.

Be Where You Are Lyrics

This beautifully designed printable includes the lyrics for “Be Where You Are.” You can use them to sing along with the instrumental track, or print and frame them as a decoration in your home.

Be Where You Are Sheet Music

Want to play “Be Where You Are” on the piano or guitar? We’ve created sheet music so you can learn to play the song as well.

**Note – we’ve provided the sheet music this month in two different keys. The original song is in the key of B Major, but we realized that was a really mean thing to do to you if you wanted to play it on the piano, so we’ve also provided the music in the key of C Major. If you want to be extra fancy, you can learn it and play it in both keys.

Be Where You Are Printables

We took a couple of our favorite lines from “Be Where You Are,” and created these memes for you to print and use to decorate your home.

Two sets of lyrics are featured – “Be Where You Are” (featured at left) and “Live Every Breathtaking Ordinary Moment”


Download and color this beautiful, custom, hand-drawn coloring page as you listen to the song!  Print as many as you’d like and let everyone spend some time coloring!